Manuel Graça Dias
Nov. 1, 2017

Manuel Graça Dias

Curador Convidado

After commissioning the Art Album "12 Arquitect Screenprints" (12 serigrafia de Arquitect@s") published in 2014, Manuel Graça Dias is now the Guest Curator of CPS. From the wide range of editions, the architect elects his preferences..



I like the wild drawings, the loose features, affirmed, loaded, crooked, but determined; or else rubbed, because hesitant, never pretended.

I like the pure painting, smudged, superimposed in layers of brushes, a great expression with the conscience elsewhere.

I like rigorous geometries used to deny the certainties of riddles; of loose graphs that evade memory. I like arrow drawings and thick paintings.

I like the curly pencil that later affirms its quick importance, the torn paper pasted on the colored paper; I like tinted stains (frayed or smooth), making contrasts, backrests, rhythmic parts, very unfinished watercolors, simple contrasts.

Gosto da complexidade dos desenhos únicos, das formas primeiras, mas juntas de modos novos; é provável a vulgaridade rebaptizada. Gosto da vida diferente que as bases marcadas mostram.

I like the complexity of the unique designs, of the first forms, but together in new ways; renamed vulgarity is likely. I like the different life that the marked bases show.

I brought together drawings and paintings that have been multiplied, that distribute the freshness of the possibility of the dream even more; but without adjustment or correction, without watchen; made with signs that arrive just after the vigil.

Manuel Graça Dias



Manuel Graça Dias (1953-2019), Architect (ESBAL, 1977).

Associate Professor at FAUP, where he received his doctorate in 2009. He had a studio in Lisbon, with Egas José Vieira, since 1990.

He was Director of Jornal Arquitectos and President of SP / AICA, authoring several books, as well as television and radio programs, criticizing and disseminating architectural themes.

In 1999 he won, with EJV, the AICA / MC (Architecture) Prize.