Manuel Costa Cabral
June 1, 2017

Manuel Costa Cabral

Curador Convidado

Manuel Costa Cabral is our second “Guest Curator”. And we couldn't do it for less, since it is a mandatory name when it comes to the visual arts of the country. In 1973 he founded Ar.Co - Art and Visual Communication Centre and spent 17 years at the head of the Gulbenkian Fine Arts Service, where he made it possible for several generations to study and work abroad, develop theses, research and conclude projects in various areas, from visual arts to cinema, from theater to dance, through several different grants.

In the diversity of CPS, the artwork of Maria José Oliveira - whose acclaimed and recent retrospective exhibition he was curator - is found in the selection of CPS artworks that enjoy his preference.


Photo: Rui Gaudêncio