Dimas de Macedo

Dimas de Macedo

Born in 1928, in Murtosa, Dimas de Macedo entered the School of Fine Arts in 1949. In 1950/55 he continued to study, simultaneously becoming a student of the painter Lino António, with whom he practised oil painting, stained glass, ceramics and frescoes.


In 1956 he arrived in Paris and devoted himself to painting and graphic arts. In 1963 he had his first painting exhibition in Paris, but in 1975 he switched from painting to sculpture. In 1979 he held an exhibition of sculptures at the University Gallery “Paris-Sculpt” and at the Gérard Laubie Gallery. In 1981 he created a sculptural set for the Nice-Étoile and Exhibition program at the Gérard Laubie Gallery, Paris.


His work has been exhibited and appreciated in several museums in France, Portugal and other countries. He is the author of several sculptural sets and ceramic panels. His work is represented in several public and private collections.


He passed away in 2009.