Artur José

Artur José

Artur José was born in Lisbon in 1931. In the plastic arts, he stood out mainly for his work as a ceramist.

In recognition of his work, his work has been distinguished several times: Prize "Sebastião de Almeida"; Prize Casa da Imprensa, in Ceramics; 1st Medal "VIII Spring Salon", "X Spring Salon", "XI Autumn Salon" and in the "XV Spring Salon" (J.T.C.S.); 2nd. Prize in Ceramics at the "II Antonian Exhibition" (J.T.C.S.); 2nd. Salon Prize (1st. in Ceramics) at the "XI Spring Salon" and "X Autumn Salon" (J:T:C:S:); 1st Prize at the "III Salon Motivos da Costa do Sol" (Casino do Estoril).

He has had several individual exhibitions in Portugal and abroad and has participated in various collective exhibitions in countries such as Brazil, Japan, Angola and France. He is represented in museum collections in Switzerland and the USA and in the "Casa de Portugal" in Stockholm; he is part of private collections in countries as different as Germany, Brazil, Sweden and Nigeria.

In Portugal his work can be found in the Tile Museum and in Caixa Geral de Depósitos, among other institutions and collections.

Artur José passed away in Lisbon on 19 February 2010.